Privacy Policy

InspiredKid website and mobile application created and owned by TheBiggerThings OU.


At TheBiggerThings we want to be clear and transparent about what information we collect, why we collect it and how we use that information while you are using InspiredKids mobile application. Your privacy is our top priority.

The Privacy policy we put in place today will evolve over time as we grow and we will communicate any changes to this page and of cause will notify you via email you use for registration and / or in-app notification.

InspiredKids mobile application (“mobile application”) is designed for parents, therefore word “User” and “Parent” is used interchangeably in this document. The app is designed to provide tips of daily activities for a parent of a preschooler (3-5 year old). Using mobile application on a daily basis parent has also an opportunity to watch together with his child a set of curated videos for inspiration and learning.

As a User of InspiredKids service, you are giving us permission to collect, use and share data in the ways specified in this policy. Important, InspiredKids do not collect, store any data in relation to a child of a user or request information from a child herself.

Data Collection

We use the information you give us to provide a safer, reliable and convenient InspiredKids experience. The information we collect from you, through InspiredKids mobile application, website or through correspondence, will only be used for the following purposes:

        1.  Processing your account application

        2.  Contacting you when we need to

        3.  Sending out InspiredKids updates

        4.  We use data collected to improve our service and better understand our business

To process your account application (User registration) we request the following information:


None of this data is being shared with third parties.

While using application: you are able to capture memorable moments by taking pictures and videos allowing access to the camera on your mobile device. The Bigger Things does not have access or store your content (images and videos taken by you). Such content is stored on your mobile device only.

We will have access to statistics on frequency you do activity with your child (based on fact a picture or video being taken, not graphic itself).

Any communication within app (in-app push notifications) or email communication is intended to parent only. We do not have communication with your child directly.

We take step further and limit child’s access to other elements of application while he/she is watching video playlist by allowing parents to use a special in-app password (more details about in-app password for playlist here).

Data processing and usage

User email can be used for periodical communication, for instance:


To protect you and your family’s information on our internal systems we also:



Will you pass my data onto third parties?

InspiredKids will never pass your details to a third party for marketing purposes without your permission.

What if I want to know what information you hold about me or my family?

You can contact us at any time to ask what information we are holding and we will be happy to share it with you unless we are prohibited by law from doing so. You can also request at any time details to be amended if they are deemed to be incorrect i.e. your email addresses. If you wish to contact us about the information we hold please email us at hello@thebiggerthings.

What about my child's personal information?

We do not request to provide, we do not collect child’s personal information. The app is designed for and recommended for parents with children age 3-5 year old. If parents with children of different age are using our app and do enjoy it - we leave it to parent’s discretion.


Like all major websites, we use cookies, which are small text files we send to your computer or other access devices, to make interactions between you and us faster and easier. Cookies are not computer programmes, they can’t pass on viruses and can’t read other information stored on your hard drive. They simply contain and pass on to our website as much information as you have disclosed to us. Cookies allow us to remember your registration details for future visits and allow you to move from one part of our website to another more easily.

Cookies are recognized in European law as a ‘legitimate and useful tool’ for many activities, including verifying the identity of website users. The law makes it compulsory for us to inform users if cookies are being used and to provide some information on how they are used (which we have done in the paragraphs above).


If you would like further information in relation to your rights or would like to exercise any of them, you may also contact us via hello@thebiggerthings.

If you reside or are located in the EEA, you have the right to request that we:



Updated: 20 May 2018