Are you a busy parent?

Inspire your child and yourself. Play together every day with little help of InspiredKids

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Our Amazing Features

You as a parent will enjoy every day

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  • Be Inspired - Curated Video Playlist

    For your own convenience and your child’s joy we carefully curate good videos.

  • Be Comfortable - Playlist secure mode

    This prevents child from accessing other features of the app.

  • Play Together - Daily recommended activity

    You will find step-by-step guide and list of required materials.

  • Create Memory

    Capture process or result of a daily play by taking a photo.

  • Make it a Habit - Calendar view

    Track progress of you engaging child in games and activities.

Available on iOS

As parents we all are interested in spending quality time with our children while teaching them about things that matter in life.

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How it works

Here’s how it works daily

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1. Today's Activity

Learn about activity recommended for today play time

2. Launch videos

Press ⏯ button and hand the phone to your child for the next 30 min

3. Unlock video mode

Once playlist if over the app gives your child signal to return phone. To unlock video playlist mode answer a numerical question.

4. Start Activity

Use a step-by-step guide of today’s recommended activity.

5. Capture memories

You can take pictures of your team work, and share them with family members too